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At, we take pride in offering the finest quality traditional wet-shaving and grooming products available anywhere in the world. Our products are being rediscovered by thousands of men who have become dissatisfied with the performance of the gimmick-driven drugstore offerings.

Any man who has experienced a real barbershop shave knows what a quality shave is. If you haven't, you owe it to yourself to discover the difference. No drugstore brands or electric shavers can compare. Nothing equals the luxury or satisfaction of lathering up with a thick, rich, fragrant lather, applying it with a quality badger brush, stropping your own straight razor or using a timeless double-edge safety razor. At, we believe that any ritual you'll perform about 13,000 times in life deserves your best intention and had better be enjoyable as well.


There's no substitute for quality. There's no quality like the real thing.

More than just wet-shaving, we are the one-stop source for all of your bath & shower, hair care, men's personal grooming and hygiene needs. Products that are both luxurious and practical, high quality and economical.

If you're not satisfied with the trendy and wasteful brands that are typically named after some designer, professional athlete or Hollywood celebrity, then you're in the right place. High quality no-nonsense men's shaving, grooming and personal care products from respected reliable names like: Dovo, Thiers-Issard, Merkur, Feather, Rooney, Vulfix, Proraso, Musgo Real, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Pinaud/Clubman, Jeris, Classic Brand, Swissco, Dominica Bay Rum, Thayers, Marvis, Cyril R Salter, Truefitt & Hill and many more. Names that are not just passing fads, but have stood the test of time and become genuine classics. Assert your individuality, reclaim your masculinity.

Save Money, Support Tradespeople, Conserve Resources 

How many plastic disposable razors end up in a landfill every year? How many aerosol cans? How many cheaply made products travel halfway around the globe to be used a couple of times before they wind up in your trash can? How many plastic disposable blade cartridges have you bought in your lifetime and how many more will you buy in the future and at what cost? How many times has your drugstore razor become obsolete, requiring you to buy some costly "revolutionary new shaving system" because blades for your old reliable razor are no longer available? Stop the madness!  

Save money and conserve precious natural resources while supporting small manufacturers and tradespeople. Buy a quality Hart, Dovo or Thiers-Issard Straight Razor and an artisan-made strop. Or choose a Merkur or Progress Vulfix Safety Razor, a Rooney or Vulfix Badger brush and Classic Brand mug that will last a lifetime and you'll be rewarded with a closer, less expensive and more comfortable shave than you've ever thought possible. 

Quality, durability, lasting value.


* Same day shipping will not be available for special orders, sharpening orders, out of stock items, and any orders whose addresses are not readily accepted by our shipping computer. Thank you for your understanding. 

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