The Feather Replaceable Blade Straight Razors
A Professional Barbershop Quality Shave with a Replaceable Blade Razor

The Only Real Improvement to the Straight Razor in over 400 Years 

With the development of the new Feather Razor it is now possible for you to get the quality of a professional barbershop shave at home, using a convenient, replaceable blade razor - No more honing, stropping, frustration or uncertain and inconsistent results. Get a perfect shave every time at only a fraction of the cost of a typical straight razor outfit and no long learning curve! The Feather Razor - the future of the straight razor shave! 

Feather Safety Razor Co. Ltd., of Osaka, Japan, has been the leader in high quality shaving razor and surgical instrument development and manufacturing since its inception in 1932. With their main razor blade manufacturing facility located in the world famous "City of Cutlery," Seki City, in Gifu prefecture, once known as home to the most highly regarded Master Craftsmen and source of the legendary Samurai Swords, Feather Razor company is able to benefit from the long established experience and traditions of the local cutlery industry. All of the ancient arts and values, learned over the centuries and passed down through the generations, have been fully incorporated into their modern product lines.

Quality - Durability - Lasting Value

Got my Feather razor and tried it today. All I can say is FANTABULOUS !!!! That product is the best wet shaving device I have ever used, bar none. Initially the cost seemed a bit steep. I guess it is because the only reference I have for a disposable str8 is the Shavette. But, after seeing it, holding it, and using it, it's great. You should do very well with this product. The pro guard blades are great to learn on as well. I haven't tried the Feather DE blades yet, but I am sure they're equally great.

Thanks for bringing this product in !!!

Chris F. San Ramon, CA

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